Mark Handsman

Mark Handsman

Engagement Partner

Mark Handsman is an Engagement Partner at Reference Point with extensive executive expertise in Corporate Treasury, Global Cash Management and Securities Operations, large scale Project Management, Banking Operations and Pension Investment Management. Mark is revered for his knowledge of sophisticated financial instruments, complex financial strategies, and prudent Risk Management practices.

More recently, Mark was the Vice President for Transformation Shared Services and the head of Capital Markets Operations at Fannie Mae. During his tenure at Fannie Mae, Mark sponsored and led the engagement to stand up a company-wide shared service for reconciliation. He also sponsored the implementation of Fannie Mae's new trading and support systems.

Mark's prior roles include Managing Director in Treasury at Citi, Chief Investment Officer at Avaya, EVP at DTCC, and VP in Global Treasury Operations at Goldman Sachs. He holds an MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business.

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